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Virtual Coaches Meeting

Page last updated at May 14, 2014 6:26

This page contains annoucements from the event supervisors. These annoucements are NOT clarifications. These are general suggestions or deadlines that are announced by the supervisors to the teams.

  • Boomilever:

    Boomilever B & C  -  Test Apparatus Clarification

    1. Paragraph 4.a.ii: A ¼ inch eye bolt 4 inches long will be used
    2. Paragraph 4.c: The chain and hook will pass thru a ¾ inch diameter hole
  • Chemistry Events: Please be sure that all team members participating in any of the Chemistry events are properly attired before they leave the hotel Saturday morning. This means long pants or skirts that come to the ankles, closed shoes, and long sleeve shirts if using a lab apron. Please make sure they have lab coats or aprons and indirect vent chemical splash proof goggles and nothing in their kits that is not on the list in the manual.
  • Helicopters: We will be making an announcement regarding the ceiling, eligible flying/launching locations, timing, ambient conditions and spectator locations at the meeting after the event supervisor can personally inspect the site on Friday.
  • Maglev: The Maglev track will be like the one described in the instruction manual on the national website for maglev.  The polarity is north/south on the track.
  • Mission Possible: Task Lists to be turned in on Saturday Morning during the Impound Time. Teams sign up for a one hour time block. We can not promise the exact time they will run their device within that hour, but we will devote all efforts to run devices when teams are ready. 
  • RoboCross: No technical documentation in advance, it will be checked as event supervisors check the robots in for competition.
  • Rotor Egg Drop: Competing teams need to report at the beginning of their scheduled time slot for final preparation and dropping of the team’s device.
  • Scrambler: Please make sure your device meets all of the specs in the rules and in the FAQ's posted on the National SciOly site. Your entire 2 kg mass must be separated from your device BEFORE you can impound as stipulated in the rules. At impound ALL we are going to check is precisely that - that the entire mass has been removed. All other dimensions and specs will be checked as you come to the track to run your device.
  • Wheeled Vehicle: Vehicles will not be inspected upon Impound.  Any STUDENT may impound the vehicle.
    The inspection will be held just prior to the run. When placed on the table it should be ready to go.  (Dowel and propulsion devices may be put on at that time.) Two most common reasons for down tiering are location of dowel and height from floor, and pushing the width and length to maximum. Other adjustments, for example, length, width, location of dowel, and other adjustments should already have been made and will not be allowed at or after inspection. Teams are to bring appropriate Z87+ goggles.  Others will not be acceptable.  They need not be impounded. Vehicles should be removed after the run unless there is an arbitration to be filed.