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Field Trips

Purchase Off Campus Field Trips Below. For On Campus Field Trips, sign up for a slot in the Student Union during Check-In.

A variety of field trips are available through Science Olympiad and we have negotiated special rates that are not readily available to the public. All purchases must be complete by May 7th. When ordering please include your team number. In addition, there are a variety of free field trips that will be offered at UCF. 

Universal Studios is offering group discount tickets which must be purchased directly from Universal. Click the link to download the form and submit directly to the fax number provided on the form. A minimum of 15 tickets much be purchased to use this form.

On Campus Field Trips: Friday May 16

1. Explore the integrated science of photonics, chemistry and biology with new cutting edge research.
The presentation will be Advanced Materials Techniques for Bioimaging and Photodynamic Cancer Therapy.  Dr. Kevin Belfied and his PhD students will present their research on 3D angiogenesis imaging, a vital process involved in both tumor progression and wound healing.  Recent research advances from our laboratory will be discussed for both of these areas.  Singlet oxygen sensitized photodynamic therapy (PDT) relies on the concentration of oxygen of the tissue that is to be treated. Most cancer lesions, however, have poor vasculature and are hypoxic as a result. This significantly hinders PDT efficacies.  They will present our research into a radically new paradigm for light-activated cancer treatment that does not rely on the presence of oxygen in the tumor.

Only 4 available sessions limited to 8 participants each session in the Biology building. Sessions will be held at 9 AM. 10:30 AM, Noon and 1:30 PM

2. Tour of the College of Optics and Photonics.

Three sessions available: 9:30 am, 11:00 am, 12:30pm, with room for 45 per session.



3. Green Roof Tours (15 minutes each)

UCF was the first University in the state of Florida  to set up a Green Roof to student the effects of green roofs. One half of the roof is dedicated to gardens while the other half is used as a control to measure temperature, run-off, and the condition of the roof. The green roof is expected to reduce energy costs by 50%.  Mike Hardin from the UCF Stormwater Management Academy will be your guide. Groups are limited to 15 students and 5 adults.
at 9:30, then 10, 10:30. 11: 00 and 11:30
Sign up at registration

4. UCF Arboretum

Tours of the UCF Arboretum will be offered Friday morning, May 16. Learn about the research conducted within the Arboretum as you visit the organic garden and 6 acres of nature trails.  The Arboretum enriches the UCF community by creating and maintaining an inviting and sustainable outdoor environment in partnership with Landscape & Natural Resources, and by generating research and educational initiatives that guide
conservation and stewardship of natural resources. The Arboretum supports the mission of UCF through a comprehensive outdoor laboratory that creates opportunities for relevant, experience-based learning, urban ecology research, and human connection with ecosystems and landscapes.
Sign Up at the field trip tables in registration. Spots are limited.